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Steering Link (YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3) Steering Link (YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3)
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Brand: XactRC Model: XAT 0501
Steering Link with bearings (for YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3)Xactrc is proud to announce our new steering link system for the YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3 vehicles that was developed, tested, and made in the USA!!!The redesigned link features 4 flanged 3x7x3 ball bearings to minimize slop the steering rack assembly. This will..
Traction Juice Bottle w/brush Traction Juice Bottle w/brush
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Brand: XactRC Model: XAT 0201B
Traction Juice Bottle with Brush TipThe 4oz Traction Juice Bottle ergonomics is just the right size for small or large hands made from a translucent bottle for easy checking of how much sauce you have remaining, cleanliness of the solution and type of solution.The replaceable brush tip is specifical..
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