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Adhesives including double-sided tape, hook & loop, and glue.

Affix Black Tips Affix Black Tips
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Brand: XactRC Model: XAT 0312
Affix Black Tips (10pcs)Our Black tips compliment our glue bottles perfectly to give you more control flow during application.  Each package includes 10 pieces for extra value...
Double-sided tape
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Brand: XactRC Model: XAT 0301
Double-sided Pre-Cut Tape 1x1in (12pcs)Pre-cut double-sided tape cut into 1-inch squares are great for mounting your electronics in your car. Each package includes 12 pieces. We also use this same tape for assembly of our corrugated boxes, so you know it's strong and will last. ..
Hook & Loop Hook & Loop
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Brand: XactRC Model: XAT 0302
Hook & Loop Mounting Tape (16pcs)The hook and loop mounting tape is a great way to help keep your body on your car and keep the inside of your car looking cleaner.Includes 16 pieces...
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